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Saturday, May 30, 2009

About working,i going to Damansara for working,in Tropicana City,not tempo,maybe stay at there working for long term,exicted yet nervous,whats waiting there for me?

For sure at there i cant online :s

About working,now find a job is a hard task,uni cert easy to take,but after you got cert,are you sure you will 100% find a job ?

My sis graduated,she study mass com,now she cant find any job,sometime she even crying cause she scare,she scare she cant find a job

Looking back to my friends,they still in uni,some working,some like being lifeless,no work no study,no offence to my friends,one of my friend,he had a girl friend,after he got his girl friend,he changed,whatever thing he do also because of his girl friend,everything around her,he going to uni,but i think he want to go to an uni thats near where his girl friend currently located,how can like that,duh!

How are you going to face the society !

I know how suffer when you cant find any job,but be tough,dont give up,for my friends and sis,jia you !

XuWei Posted at @ 5:46 PM

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Infront my working place,there is a shop selling clothes,beside my working place is a shop selling CD,VCD,DVD,of course pirate version

The CD shop boss is husband of the boss of the clothes shop,they got 1 daughter,sound like a good family,happy

But the husband always,harass his wife,hit her,always fight,got one time they fight till...guy's hand wrap with bandage,his wife's hand,leg wounded

Now,his wife sold the shop to other people,and i think she avoiding her husband...what a pair of married couple..

My dad's friend,last night went to yam cha,today morning he was found,dead on his bed,reason?I dont know,his health is okay,nothing wrong with him,passed away very sudden


XuWei Posted at @ 7:04 PM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thought can create a new blog under aiskacang.com name,but the server cancel soon,so i better stick with my old blog

Will be more active in blog from now on :D

XuWei Posted at @ 12:42 PM


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