I am XuWei
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yesterday,i mean thursday night,after lan shop ( i still in penang har ),walking back to my rent house lah,what can i do in there,nothing of course..
Oh..you want to know..whats my friend suggest me to do in my rent house ?
She is the only one who suggest me to do this...

Manda : pcc in your room lah seem you so free and bored
( PS : pcc,pak chui cheng aka ta fei kei aka zi wei aka masturbation )

I cant even think of this,manda mei i admire your horny minded !

Back to my own room,stone and listen to radio,and i almost fell asleep...suddenly..
Min xue mei sms me...ahh never mind sms awhile lah..after that she no more reply,then i sleep again lah
Below is the surprised that made my day GREAT !

Yan,also my maple best buddy,soon going to be my maple second wife ( woi not i flirt ah is long story nia i dont want explain aber it take me 1 whole day to explain f3 ),
she..phone me O.O
Hey from singapore call to malaysia is expensive,and i think this is the second time she call me o.o
The first time she called me..she at genting O.O
We have a few minute chit chat,this really a few minute 3 minute only HAHAHAHAHA
But i am still nervous and excited :x
Nervous cause..there is rarely girl will call me,except my mum and sister lah >.>
Excited cause there is a girl call me :x ( you ediot my mum and sis call me i excited for what &^*&@#^*@#@# )

Is almost 12am,is friday morning,she called me again,i ask for cause is bored :x
We chat bout 23+ minute i think,normal chat lah but i think most of the time she talking to wai,her brother @_@

Today bakery lesson we learn bake sponge cake and some decoration for cake !
Today we baked chocolate cream cake !
Dear readers no need ask how is my cake,of course is nice f3

Friday hor,i have to go back taiping hor,mean hor,i going hor,headache loh -.-
You know if i want to buy ticket back to taiping,i need to take ferry go butterworth from penang,walk to bus station and buy the ticket
And recently,konsortium ( is the bus company name thats provided transport from taiping to other way through bus ),their license got suspended...cause..their driver got the ticket from traffic police and refuse to pay -.-
Then ah..some of their bus..stop service cause license suspended...Made me always got 4.30pm ticket -.-

Today back to taiping,my friend fetch me from bus station,i ask him drop me at Popular book store for awhile..
Here goes my rm72..30k cash for wedding....
Aiya got many things to write in here but i shall not write...
In case...aiya nothing...
Yan call me three time and i just ignored...

Okay shall stop for today...

XuWei Posted at @ 3:06 AM

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yesterday walk pass a big field before went back to house from lan shop,then i saw a group of people,playing soccer,they training free kick...
Thats remind me...my old time...my friend and me..always play soccer at saturday morning,7.30am,we play together,have match with other team,we beat our school team before..thats very enjoyable moment we had together..

Wow today is lasagna !
You know how to pronouce lasagna ?
is ler-sir-nier not lag-sa-nia
Okay which cartoon character's favorite is lasagna ??

The answer is...

Yes is garfield the fatty cat !
Do you guys love lasagna like Garfield ? :x

As usual..those people who join competition have to train while lesson lah,today they soup again...broccoli soup...today left 1 pot so i no need drink it :x
Actually..the lasagna dough..can make..wan tan mee O.O
Thats what we made when we got extra dough..
Wan tan mee+lasagna..wtf is that meal -.-

Today the lasagna is tasty !
We put cheese in the sauce,we put extra alot then other group...till our lasagna become abit weird taste :x

After all the eat,wash and clean,then my boss intro us a recipe book lah,recommend by Chef Association Malaysia ( CAM ),RM40 each recipe book for member of CAM,at first i think wah wtf so expensive,but when i have a view on the recipe book..woo..cool man..worth to buy i think my mum will like it also..
And Sonia also got write some recipe for this recipe book,hey 23 years old write recipe and approved by CAM,thats cool,i wish i can do that also T_T

After lesson,Mal and me went to lunch,we went to a malay restaurant ate nasi briyani
But ah i dont eat with spoon and fork,i use HAND !
Yes i use hand to finish the nasi briyani
Hey dont laugh or what ya,learn other people culture is good hor

Back to home..raining..i was thinking want to wash my clothes,but since raining,okay tomorrow bring back taiping let my washing machine wash lah :x
Yesterday night phone manda chat for 20+ minute
Is always fun to chat with her hahahaha
Supposed got zak for cookie didi,but leh heard that fang dint online >.>
Tomorrow is friday ah,i got prediction tomorrow the ticket i buy is 4.30pm again -.-
You know i phone to the counter and want buy ticket for tomorrow,they not allow,wtf is that kind of service -.-
Okay i shall stop here today post is boring T_T

XuWei Posted at @ 3:12 PM

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yesterday guess how much i used in lan shop...
Is RM7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man thats out of my range..so yesterday night my dinner is..a chocolate bar T_T

Today is bakery and pastry lesson,we learn 1 kind of Switzerland bakery called zopf,whats zopf ?

Below is the zopf picture

But what we bake is abit different from the picture,we got put cheese and sugar on top of the zopf,is sweet bun ~

Today class abit..different,cause we got 4 people going competition and they will training while in lesson lah,today they boil pumpkin soup and cream of mushroom,hohoh free soup cause they will make for all PEOPLE in class BRAHAHAHAHA ~~
Today i incharge oven mah,then my group got 2 training for competition,so abit busy leh today in kitchen,make bread dough,make the shape,grated the cheese and pour sugar on the bun then bake,sound easy huh ?
NO !
You need skill in rolling the bun dough f3

Okay i finish my job,still got alot time,i joined eng wah,karen and kean wei in their topic lah chit chat,then we talked bout training hotel..
Is kinda disappointed and sad leh no people want go langkawi except eng wah and me...
So we cancel the langkawi dream lah..MY DREAM IS GONE T__T
But hey wait,stay in penang not bad ya,maybe got time to online yet hahahaha
We got 2 choice of place..is our choice lah,eng wah,karen and me..we choosed..E&O,Park Royal and Golden Sand Hotel
We special case for choosing 3 hotel f3

Okay times up !
Bread is done,soup is served !
We ready for eat ~
But the nightmare has come to me...
No people want drink the pumpkin soup...got 2 pot...
They very picky lah only drink cream of mushroom left the 2 pot of pumpkin soup for us -.-
Since...no people want drink it..i also dont want lah..hiding..
But failed..end wah saw me and..

Wah : WOI LIM TENG ( drink soup )
Me : Har..
Wah : Lim peh pei you drink !
Me : O.O wah..zhun bo ?
Wah : *glurp glurp glurp*
Me : Geng wor
Wah : Abo,you also finish the other pot thanks *steam face* ( he bloated -.- )
Me : *die jiu die leh lah can save lunch and dinner money maybe*

After we finish the stupid creamy but sweety pumpkin soup,we forgot,still got cream of mushroom and zopf -.-
Disgusting lah wei i drank 1 whole pot of pumpkin soup -.-

Nothing much for today i guess,ya my life is boring T_T
I am quite tired today..i am sleeping but still want sms hehehe :x
Okay see ya guys ~

XuWei Posted at @ 3:35 PM

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8.30am woke up i thought i still in taiping -.-
After wash face brush teeth then i go to school luh as usual..
When i reached class leh,eng wah,ee kah and karen ask me go down for breakfast ( my class at 5th floor ),i was har now ? Cause class starting soon mah,they said never mind lah just go,so i follow lah,after breakfast,we really late f3

Today is making spaghetti,spaghetti 'hometown' not Italy but CHINA
My boss told me,last time when they cook spaghetti,is hard to tell is that spaghetti is well cook or not,then there is an old way to know is spaghetti is well cook or not,here is the step...

1) Take a board.
2) Take 1 spaghetti.
3) Use your full force throw the spaghetti to the board,if it stick on the board,cooked,if not..COOK AGAIN LAH BODO.

Okay today i incharge cook spaghetti lah i no need make the sauce,the sauce making is complicated @_@
When cooking the spaghetti,i was chatting with sonia,my boss's daughter,also his assistant in our school,we chated bout taiping,then i was thinking,we always celebrate our classmate birthday,must celebrate her and my boss de birthday mah,so i asked her when is her birthday lah,she said " secret "
Then i keep bug and bug and bug till she finally give me hohohoh
And i asked her bout my boss de birthday lah,she said,she dont know...

Sonia : I dont know your bosss birthday leh
Me : Ask him tomorrow leh
Sonia : Dont want
Me : Yerrr ask awhile wont die de lah
Sonia : You ask him yourself lah
Me : Then how can we give him surprise leh >.>
Sonia : *smile*
Me : Dont smile leh i give you time ask leh tomorrow tell me !
Sonia : Har....
Me : Okay on thanks ah ~
Sonia : Okay okay...*innocent smile*

This is how i force her to ask her own dad birthday f3

Today is my classmate,Peter birthday !
We got this habit leh every classmate birthday,we got karen our treasurer to buy cake and celebrate in class,then karen want to collect money from them mah,and i am talking with her,she just suddenly

Karen : Woi help me collect money
Me : Wah why me ???
Karen : You stand beside me and i have no talent be money collector ( WTF ?! )
Me : *dumb face*
Karen : Go lah dont waste time *hahahaha*

I am always so innocent T_T
Back to the birthday,today cake is dont know what name lah i just know is chocolate cake,not black forest ah !
Spaghetti plus cake,okay thats my lunch shall tahan till night T_T
Before class dismissed leh,i got this malay friend named Ikmal,we called him Mal ( for cookie didi and manda not your guild that uncle mal har f3 )
Got extra cake left,he took 2 then run away,1 is for himself 1 is MINE BRAHAHAHAHA
Then he said lets go wash car,he always bring me around cause he said i looks boring hahahaha

Okay on the way to the car wash place,we talked bout school things lah,he kinda dislike his group,no serious and always play play nia,can tell he kinda pissed ><
Then he asked me after graduate where i want to go,i said dont know,he suggested Australlia
Ya Australlia,peace country,nice weather and people there and i got friends at there also,was thinking hmm..wenpin at there,zhu mei also,manda might going also leh,can consider hor hehehe
Since he told me,Australlia is really peace,not like US ah,so many problem,he also told me,if want go europe country,go Australlia,almost the same,food religion people weather..
Aiya he said till so good make me want to go Australlia leh @_@

Reached home,aduhai !!!
I have to mop my room...walao i think i can be houseHUSBAND,i cook,i bake,i clean,i wash @_@

Oh ya i got few respond from the pubic hair...i shall post at here !

Yingzhe : Cool,i can imagine how she pluck 1 by 1 !
Shika the pervert sensei : Wow kawan did you smell it everytime before go sleep ?

I got my own respond also,i shall make a pastry brush with the pubic hair ( #*&#^@^#^*!#^@# I AM SO SICK )

Okay lah i dont know what to write leh my friends is back to taiping friday i shall enjoy my time with them !
Miss all of you guys !

XuWei Posted at @ 3:32 PM

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday again,for other student is their holiday,min xue mei go penang play,cookie didi at house do homework and play,manda ah mei finding work to kill some time,sound enjoyable...
I want to know...WHERE IS MY HOLIDAY T___T

Early morning woke up think of have to go penang again,sien leh -.-
But when thinking of cooking,baking and pastry,is tempting @_@
Okay leh appreciate the time left in my home,of course mapling lah no need ask :x
Mapling till around 1pm,time to pack my bag,shower and lunch for prepare to go penang luh
My parents,cute as always,here is what happen when i had lunch :
When lunch,my mum sit beside me lah,then my dad came out from toilet and walk pass us,he poked my mum with finger,here is a conversation between my mum and dad...
(After my dad poked my mum with finger)

Mum : cb lah siam,i eating dont kacau
Dad : oh really ah,dulan liao ah ( he poked again )
Mum : lim bu dulan tonight you dint have dinner eat i tell you
Dad : ohhh paiseh sorry har ~

I wonder,both of their age plus together already 100+ liao,why still so childish @_@
Okay went to bus station and got in to the bus,the bus moving leh so i SLEEP,i always not enough sleep when i at taiping...

When reached penang,i need to take mini bus to go my rent house mah,so i sms with min xue mei awhile,she browsed my blog with her handphone,kaya betul ni >.>
Then she saw my blog got 1 min in my friend list,she thought is her lah,then i said not her,she ignored me,so innocent lah wei T__T

Today had a short chat with wenpin,he is my secondary school friend,he went to adelaide,australlia study luh,laws and accounting,kinda miss last time,we play soccer as a team,hang out together,dude remember come back malaysia once got break,i shall cook a good meal for you hehehee

KNNWTFBBQSAUCE+SAUSAGE ( sorry i am lame :x ),windy is back to my lovely guild,then last night roi got ks-ed by someone,he went to help lah ( duh this ks case is his favorite -.- ),then roi ask me and yan help also,so we went there help lah,then the windy said something that make me very angry...

Windy : i think i go leh,someone anti me at here,i have being anti at here,bye all

Eh wtf you beh syok just go away no need say this thing to attract us loh,you the one who make us hate you de leh,you dare to say us ? -.-

Now i am chatting with friends,so i shall stop here,tomorrow got class,i think is italian food tomorrow,lagsana,spaghetti and others,dont know lah thats what my boss told me last friday,he always tell us wrong info >.>

Calling babi-rian manda,i put my bwg and earring in your character ah,we miss you leh,chat tomorrow ya

*got people said my blog is funny and nice to read i am high BRAHAHAHAHA*

XuWei Posted at @ 6:23 PM

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I slept at 6am+ and woke up at 11am,is super steam.

Sunday morning babi sleeping ~
Yes there is 2 babi sleeeping in this sunday morning and the other babi owe me 2000 pubic hair cause she lose bet with me ( eh thats gross..pubic hair...yuck >.> )
What we bet ah ? Kinda lame hahaha,i said she will fall asleep,cannot tahan till 8am,okay she want bet with meso ( Maple MONEY ) but i am broke lah,so she suggested bet with hair since we rich in hair ( eh she said de not me ),okay the bet on with my 1000 pubic hair and her 2000,then around 6.45am she feel asleep,thats fast not even 30 minute after bet is on,i at here respect you as BABI !!

Back to my blog lah no more pubic hair is gross >.>
11am woke up,my mum still remember i want nasi lemak as breakfast,heheh MUM I LOVE YOU <3
I order 5 pack of nasik lemak,and i ate 3 pack lah left 2 pack thinking want eat when afternoon,then today my aunties visit my mum ah ( not period ah ),actually is their noise wake me up in the morning -.-
Okay after i had my breakfast i back to computer lah till afternoon,then i go downstairs finding my nasi lemak,you know where it gone ?


Okay never mind forget about it..used to it they very hunger for food de -.-
I shall sit infront computer for whole day :x
What else i can do,maple lah
But today i not playing my character is manda's KeLis...hunting maple shield for her..
Hunt till frusfated lah,why others hunt so easy drop,i hunt so hard to drop ah,APE SAL !!!!!!!
Oh ya,my aunty took my nasi lemak,means i have no lunch,i ate bread as lunch and tahan till night time dinner,dinner is...char kuay teow,my didi bought from his friend place and it was NICE !!!

My house that electric thermo pot already sot sot dei,for the sake of my family health,my dad drag my mum go out buy shun bian paktor lah ,you know my dad is weird !
He drag my mum go out buy,my mum not yet find the thermo pot,he ask her go back home leh,and my mum complained to us lah,my dad just said "aiya tomorrow only buy lah"
After 1 hour,he went out and buy the electric thermo pot back,weird boh -.-

Night time leh,continue mapling of course hehehehe :x
But manda is afk to msn and watching antm,so i go msn find her and chat lah,halfway she gone luh and never come back,i dont know what happen leh,maybe her jie is back,maybe her mum want to use laptop,maybe her laptop sot sot dei liao,dont know :o
You must study hard for your australlia leh,good luck ya ah mei :)

XuWei Posted at @ 9:20 PM

Arghh today i went to Popular and bought a 30k maple cash..for some other people,maybe they said cheap lah BUT NOT FOR MY CONDITION !!!

It cost me rm72 lah wei T_T
The rm72 can let me survive in penang for 1 or 2 week !!!
Don't mention bout this rm72 first..you know what cause i got another rm72 need to spend in maple cash -.-
Means..i..am..B R O K E T_____________________________T
I took my bank money to buy it what do you think...

Why i spend so much to buy cash ?
Cause i need to change face,hair and hair color(of course is maple lah if real life rm72 everywhere also got handsome guy liao lah)
Another rm72 is for wedding use...ya marry in game..sound no life right ?(i am no life #*^@%#&@#)

I shall eat bread and instant noodle from now on,cut cost,save money,for the sake of my financial...
I always tell my friends this is life..now i have to tell myself...ANG XU WEI THIS IS LIFE !
Mati lah T__T

XuWei Posted at @ 3:34 AM

Okay i don't know what can i write,my English is bad...
Today was waiting manda to help me in blogging,i forgot she went mid valley with her sis will be home at night and i need you help in blog URGENT T-T
Lucky hor i got my blogging teacher CRAPPY was helping me and teach me bout simple coding so i can done my blog,thanks Crappy ~

I got blog,but i don't know what can i post about -.-

Oh ya,my school started,currently taking culinary course,yes is cooking,baking and pastry is my favorite !
Hey don't think i took culinary course mean i am SISSY and you are WRONG,you go hotel's kitchen and see most of the chef is guy !EVEN THE SAPU LANTAI PUNYA ALSO UNCLE !

Okay relax..i very hate people say guys that learn culinary is chao ah gua,pondan,sissy -.-
Back to Wednesday,my boss (is my lecturer but used to call him boss or tauke) announce that i am the best CDP in class ! KAKAKAKA !!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay i explain whats CPD,CDP means chef de partie,something like a leader of the group lah and i got the best CPD award BRAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!
Tho not any big award lah but still a good beginning right ?
Hehehehe :x

Is midnight time,and i got a bloody zak at 4am -.-
Happy that i have done my blog,told a few friends bout my blog hope they will read it hehehe
Okay leh is time to stop writing i dont know what i write at all like no link -.-
See ya :D

XuWei Posted at @ 2:33 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Testing testing

XuWei Posted at @ 2:06 AM


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What i love

Moei Ling~!
Cooking and baking
Astrology,mystery stuff
Taiwan show!!


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A brandnew handphone !

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