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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Indeed fun to hang out with friends,but....i have to go Penang already...meanwhile the rest of my friends now only back Taiping....sad loh....
When we will hang out together again ah,really missed school time,very happy and fun,relaxing
Talking with them,you just say out what you want to,no need think what you want to say,just straight and forward,very syok loh talk like that
Some example....

Me : Tonight Liverpool what time ?
Wei Chyi : 8.45pm
Me : Sure ?
Wei Chyi : Sure
Me : But Bob said 7.45pm wor
Wei Chyi : If dont believe go livescore check time
(So i went checked around,hardcopy and softcopy also wrote 7.45pm)
Me : Wei Chyi trustable or not ?
Eden : No
Wei Chyi : What...
Me and Eden : Nia ma noob hai time also see wrong,you 8.45pm only go watch Liverpool lah,noob hai
Wei Chyi : Aiya then dont trust me anymore lah

Above conversation,you might think we argue,we are not,when we talking we smiling and laughing de
Hope we still got chance hang out together in future loh :/

Mei,sorry yea last night fell asleep didnt reply your message,take care okay ?
Dont get hurt or bully by him,whenever wanna find me just send a message to me okay ?
I will miss you,and love you always,do take care of yourself :)

XuWei Posted at @ 12:58 PM

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Urgh the pain i mentioned,is my whole body muscle,cause i had soccer when i back at Taiping !
My toe was injured lah but still can play well,i just love soccer :D

Everyone sure wanted to know how i doing in Penang yea,i am doing great,i learn alot ah,know many friends,those as lame as me,as crazy as me de friends,Kevin,Dennis,Roslin,Xin Yan,Emily Yeoh,Xin Hui,both of them is my anak murid,i am their sifu ! ( Wen Pin,the Emily Yeoh,very pretty de loh bwahahaha :x )
Wani and Fauzana,both them is malay,but they finish training leh,i will miss them :/

Then hor,now i learning how to use wok,hard tho,hard as in,the wok not heavy,but when wanna hold and shake,need skill loh,long way for me to learn
Hotel life really dont know what to say leh,just,morning wake,work,finish,sleep,wake,work,finish,sleep.....

I reached Taiping at Wednesday ah,when reached,the first outing was,soccer !~
Oh my i long time didnt play and sooooooooooo wanted to play,just nice !
You know,for an old body like me,play the 1 hour soccer,the next day all my muscle,pain kah bua si T-T

Then har,Taiping finally got cinema liao,got a new movie called 画皮 ( hua pi,painted skin ),that water Wei Ming read till 树皮 ( shu pi,tree skin ),sohai.....
When we watching,he..luan si lang,Eden and me,keep push his head,the lesson we learnt,never bring Wei Ming go cinema,you cant concentrate on movie as long he beside you

Play Dota loh,i long time didnt play leh mah,so my skill..worse then beginner now hehehehe
We,as in Eden,Aivin,Wei Chyi,Wei Ming and me went Sky Space,we called it SS,a lan shop name lah,we went there played Dota,watery Ming still as water as usual,tiok pawned :x
Aiya me too tio pawned :x

Sit at home,very sien de you know,lucky i found out BEL,she played Gunbound !
So i downloaded and played with her,fun loh,shoot shoot shoot,bang bang bang,die die die hahahahaha

And tonight,Eden and me,discovered a secret,Wei Chyi untrustable,Liverpool match at 7.45pm he said 8.45pm pulak
Watched Liverpool match at Tai Hu,a hawker center
Hurray ! Liverpool WON ! Torres goal twice ! In 4 minute ! BRAVO ~
You are the hero of Liverpool,you will never walk alone ~
Dont forget the old man,Robbie Keane awesome assisted !
Torres can hat trick ah,the damn linesman said he offside,wtf !

Tomorrow going back to Penang,before that,got friends ask for badminton,hoseh lah !
Long time didnt play tho i not a very good player :x
Actually i can back penang at monday....cause i just know that my monday shift is 2pm-10pm....argh T-T

Where'd you go ~ I miss you so ~ seems like it's been forever ~ That you've been gone....
Wuuuu...mei i missed you so,sorry didnt spend time on you,i knew you would disappointed maybe,but i do miss you,and love you T-T
Sorry mei,for everything :(

XuWei Posted at @ 9:54 PM

You guys know i want to update but just something made me out of idea,aiya just say no mood to update,easy right ?
Going out with friends to watch Liverpool and Everton soccer match,hope Liverpool will kick their ass fly high,you will never walk alone ~

XuWei Posted at @ 7:02 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid autumn,for chinese of course is,eat moon cake,play lantern,play candle,that was my childhood :s
Now leh,i back taiping for mid autumn,hope got friends can hang out with,but aik,all didnt back pulak,never mind spend time with family bwahahahaha

Oh ya i back taiping,but tomorrow going back to penang,training mah what else,bored loh,but fun loh,but tiring loh ( aduh i say all the things :x )
Fun ah,i got sifu at there,i got si mui at there also,i got my...dad..at there also...I can explain har wait,cause got a chef looks like me,all the kitchen stuff assume i am his long lost son,what to do,mah like that loh :s

And not forget,happy belated birthday to Kenji,and my dearest mei,Manda,happy birthday hor,tho present late to reach you ><
Grow up leh,mature leh,you har dont anyhow luan luan cincai think ah,didnt talk to you for sometime nia,you being abit emo liao hor,hor hor !
You can find me whenever you want to,if i didnt reply means,i might sleeping,i might be busy ><

You know that,i love you and miss you so much,sorry i really got no time to chat with you,but that doesnt mean i forget you de mah,stupid :x

Okay i have to go now,love you alot


XuWei Posted at @ 1:48 AM


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