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Friday, November 21, 2008

I swear i will keep quiet all the time,peace out

XuWei Posted at @ 1:28 AM

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A couple of day at hometown,hang out with the cyber kia !
Boon Chai still as lame yet funny,legendary sohai :x
Hang out with them most of the time at SS playing dota !
Got 1 night,Qing Sheng,Beng,Chai and me....we at SS played till 5am+ !

At Wednesday night,i went out with Eden and Min xuemei,we went er...Sushi King and Old Town,neh that fellow want 'wat' me treat her,dreaming lah i got no money f3

Thursday leh i went to watched movie with Qing Sheng and those cyber kia,watched the stupid quanton of solace,not nice to watch leh,very boring,Qing Sheng even watched till fall asleep,hahahaha
After back leh,i lost my digi handphone in cinema,i called back with my maxis phone hope got someone pick it and return me,lucky loh the worker at there picked and return to me :D

Recently i playing back Cabal,force shielder,hope i got time to play ah

Not really know what to write,short update hehe
Okay i think i should go now,see ya all
On lah !

Oh and !!!!
Happy birthday to Wei Sheng !!
Water Qing Sheng called Wei Seang and Chai thought is was Wei Sheng,he at phone talk crap,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Well,happy birthday to Wei Sheng,as a leader of ding dong group,they got a birthday party at Simpang for you,xehe man !

Hang out next time yea !

XuWei Posted at @ 8:09 AM


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