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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Training was good but not in pastry kitchen,the sous chef,Dino such a jerk,always bully trainee,ask us wash this wash that,we got steward lah ask them wash for you fucker

Now i in Asian kitchen,is linked with the hot kitchen,so no difference lah cause if either one of them not enough staff we have to go help them
Is fun in hotel but tiring lah
Fun is,i know alot friends,those crazy friends,can crap de,ah ling,ah ho,ah seang,ah ping,beng ai,KT
Beng ai is aunty har but her look doesnt looks like an aunty,like those...20+ de teenage girl :x
They teach me alot of pastry thinggy when i in pastry kitchen,especially ah ho,i learnt alot of bakery knowledge from him,he can be serious but leh...most of the time he is crazy :x

In Asian kitchen and hot kitchen leh,got kam fatt,they called him ohh bak,he is thai but he can speak hokkien very well,ah hun,they said i looks like him o.o
Ah chee,he is a very very funny person,at night he cook food for us to eat hor bwahahahaha
Ah guan,he will be my sifu in teaching me how to shake wok ! But he will leaving to philipines soon,he got promoted to work in philipines de traders hotel for 3 months,promotion chef :x
Ah yong,he is...very bad temper person,but he is kind luh,just look abit not friendly nia :x
Najwa,a funny aunty also,ismanizam and nazrin,and the wafi,those 3,super pervert male but they working very fast @_@

Hmm...from the training,i know a few around my age de friends also,like syazwani,she is pretty but always tiok my bully :x
Fauzana she is cute,but ah,she crazy de loh,1 week full day, SIAO !
Then Roslin,she is the only new friend i keep contact with,she is quite cute and friendly,start to know her after she gave me a kit kat chocolate in canteen @_@

Okay leh nothing much bout my training i think,very fun in hotel kitchen,alot friends,fun,foods :x
I really learn alot in kitchen leh bwahahah
And not forget,manda mei i miss you so much :/
Cookie didi you too,and others also ><
Sorry for not send you the breaking dawn,i really got no time,if you really want it,ask kels buy for you bah :/
Miss you all
4 months to go !

XuWei Posted at @ 4:15 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is Beijing Olympic 2008 !
Talk about Beijing Olympic,must be think of,the bird's nest,Beijing roast duck :x
And the opening ceremony,the fireworks ! I missed it cause i am working at the moment T_T

Olympic mah,Malaysia only hope is badminton loh
But Chong Wei only can grabbed silver medal,cant blame also hor,is Lin Dan too strong :s
When the badminton final is on screen leh,i working mah,cant watch,but hotel's lobby lounge got big screen live show !
But we cant go out watch de
Then...i got this malay senior friend wafi,he straight went to lobby lounge and watched @_@
Then ah seang,also my senior,he said..i go lobby check the cake got problem only,then go lah,30 minute not yet back,at there watch badminton >.>

The opening ceremony i only watch the,the scene when Li Ning being suspended into the air by wires and completing a lap of the bird's nest roof height in the air,then light up the Olympic torch !
The scene was so touched ! And very fantastic,awesome,perfect,wonderful,excellent !

Not forgetting the song of Olympic !
Watch this video

This song sung by 100 different singer !
Got singer from China,Taiwan,Hong Kong,Singapore,Korean,the Jang Nara,she is sweet !
I love this song very much !

Cause of the Olympic,hotel also got...a minor change :o
Like snacks for VIP,all change to Chinese or China's food,got 1 snack is..Beijing duck roll
Put a little bit hoisin sauce on one kind of the popiah skin but made by egg yolk de,then put some julienne carrot and cucumber,and some roasted duck into it,roll and cut into 4 pieces

Asian kitchen got 1 chef very funny de loh,that day got order char koay teow mah,after he done the koay teow,he shouted,Olympic koay teow lai liao,who want continue to hold the Olympic koay teow,then 1 by 1 we take and put infront of the kitchen :x

Thats all for Olympic post :x

XuWei Posted at @ 12:26 PM

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I missed manda,cookie,bel,family,others
I'm going to work 2 weeks without off day,hope i can tahan

XuWei Posted at @ 11:21 AM


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