I am XuWei
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am back to home after the test,and my mum not at home,so i have to help myself in house leh
I have to wash all the clothes and dry it before tomorrow morning,if not no clothes bring to KL @_@
Then have to swept floor,mop floor and etc @_@
Lunch and dinner leh my dad buy from outside leh,since i am tired hehehe

Talk about night,my house is freaky...
I dont know why..my house...most of the light spoil -.-
Only this computer room got light
And that night is raining,plus the wind blow !
The sound is like..huuuuuuuu uuh uhuuuuuuuuu
Freakishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

I had chat with manda since i back from penang
But er..midnight she dint reply me...i wonder is she fall asleep or phone die...
Manda ah mei if you see this,sms me ah if not i go emo :(
You know de cause i dont like the feel of being ignore even is not on purpose ><
Miss you

A short post before i go KL for my holiday see ya guys :D

XuWei Posted at @ 9:24 AM

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I had suffer from monday till wednesday...cause the exam...others might say easy but actually is not so easy as you think...

Monday theory is easy for me,scored 85%
Tuesday is trial for practical...that day is really worse...i am totally no mood cause something lah :/

Plus tuesday morning...is raining...it makes the atmosphere more heavy and moody -.-
When the trial started,i cant concentrate at all,i became very slow and what also do wrong,i know i am not supposed bring my mood into this trial...but i am not a person that good in controlling mood mah...

In the end...i got scolded by boss for sure leh,totally like a shit at the moment...when i went back to my own room,i sat at floor,the tears almost drop down,i dont know why lah,sound emo right ? :/

Is last night that matter cause me ? Or the stress ? I dont know...but after that i talked to manda and bel,i felt better after that hahahah
Is like..magical power,every time i feel better after speak or talk to them,tho i not always talk with bel,but when i got problem,talk to her make me feel better also hahaha

Okay i shall stand and face the practical test at tomorrow,i must pass it,i shall not disappointed all my friends,my parents,manda,cookie,bel,yan !
Boss once told me,even it just a simple dish,like salad,or just soup,just make the best salad and soup !

Our practical test is in group,every group must make appetizer,soup,main course and dessert
I..make appetizer for my group,i decided to make waldorf salad,waldorf salad is one kind salad that served with celery and apple,served with lemon juice and mayonnaise,sound easy,but is quite mafan to make it :/
I shall not talk bout the procedure if not all of you will fall asleep >.>

I shall talk bout the result !
Today judges is Boss,Mister Bruce Lee,his daughter,Sonia Lee and a food criticizer,Miss Annie Ng
The winner got cash prize loh !
But too bad the winner is A group :/
Tho overall my group is last ><
I am not satisfied with it yet,i can do it better ! Hiak hiak xD

Today's star is karen with her bread pudding
Even the food criticizer also enjoy the bread pudding,and she got the highest score
Well,i passed,we all passed..is HOLIDAY NOW !!!!

We got took a few picture before we left,i only got 1 picture,got 3 more at pavin's digital camera,damn him lah,that day chef table's picture till now not yet upload i cant take and post in my blog _(#*@)#&@*)#

Here is the picture with my boss and classmate !


Okay i got more picture to upload soon,waiting for pavin only
Thats all for today :D

XuWei Posted at @ 10:13 PM

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Are You Single : Yes single and available F>GIRL FRIEND
Are You Happy : I hope so :/
Are You Sad : I hope i am not :/
Are You Italian : Non Sono Italiano (i am not italian )
Are You Expensive : Who like boney :/
Are You Blonde : Nooooooo
Are You Irish : I am not irish but i like irish singer ( WESTLIFE )
Are Your Parents Still Married : Yes,they acting like a pair of young couple somemore


Name : Ang Xu Wei
Date Of Birth : February 22nd,scout founder's day
Hair Color : Black
Birthday : I mentioned leh lazy type again
Mood : Want-to-play-mood
Favorite Color : Black,blue,white,red,purple sometime
Where Do You Live : Nah give you address straight,132A Jalan Pulasan,Kampung Jambu 34000,Taiping,Perak Darul Ridzuan,Malaysia.
Left Or Right Handed : Right handed,if leg both loh


Have You Fallen In Love Which You Wish It Will Last ?
Nope..no faith in love

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight ?
Adidas said nothing is impossible,of course i believe

Who Ended Your Last Relationship ?
The slutty ex >.>

Have You Ever Hurt Anyone?
Of course got leh,i am sorry for those i hurted ><

Have You Ever Broke Someone's Heart?
My parents,manda and others..i am so sorry...

Have You Ever Liked Someone And Never Tell Them ?
Yes many -.-

Are You Afraid Of Commitments ?
What for i afraid o.o

Have You Hugged Someone Within The Last Week ?
Dai lou,i many years dint hug people leh who want let me hug -.-

Have You Ever Had A Secret Admirer ?
Er..is people admire me or i admire others ? o.o
If people admire me i think dont have for sure,if i admire others not only 1 :x


Love Or Lust : Must be balance,love and lust
Lose A Friend Or a Bf/Gf : Both also dont want to lose
A Few Best Friends Or Many Regular Friends : A few best friends
Pepsi Or Coke : Pepsi+coke,steam ~
Wild Night Out Or Romantic Night : Depends situation
Money Or Happiness : No money no happiness,but got money not sure got happiness,so i choose happiness
Night Or Day : Night
AIM Or Phone : Whats AIM o.o


Been Caught Sneaking Out : If sneak out from school,never !
Been Skinny-dipping With You Bf/Gf : Never
Done Something That You Regret : Of course :/
Bungee Jumped : I would like to try but i got asthma
Finish An Entire Jawbreaker : Never seen 1 before
Ever Wanted An Ex Bf/Gf : Hmmm no
Cried Cause You Lost A Pet : I never had a pet
Wanted To Disappear : Sometime


Smile Or Eyes : Eyes,they said my eye is big and i dont smile
Light Hair Or Dark Hair : Dark
Hugs Or Kissed : Both lah like that only syok :x
Shorter Or Taller : Taller
Intelligence Or Attraction : Attraction
Hooked-up Or Relationship : Relationship
Do You Want A Bf/Gf : Yea i am not young anymore :/
Sun Or Moon : Moon


Last Phone Call You Made : My dad asked him fetch me at bus station
Last Phone Call You Received : Mal,he rushed me FASTER LAH
Last Person(s) You Hung Out : Eng Wah,we had dinner
Last Place You Went : CAC,my school
Last Person You IM'd : What mean o.o
Last Text Message You Got : Manda ah mei
Last Person You Wished To See Everyday : Manda,yan,cookie didi ( hard to choose just 1 )
Last Person You Webcammed : I dint have webcam even got also dont want to webcam with people luh except a few
Last Person/Thing You Missed : Manda,yan
Last Thing You Wish To Had : A handsome face :o


All my friends !

XuWei Posted at @ 9:18 PM

Sorry what have i done ah mei,sorry that i hurted you ><
Sorry for made you moody ><
Really hope you can go out with us at saturday..
Miss and love you alot..
I dont know what to say but listen to Sorry by Buckcherry ><

XuWei Posted at @ 5:40 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aihz today is sunday but i have to go back penang,tomorrow exam !
Theory at monday,tuesday is pratical trial and wednesday is the real pratical test !
After the exam straight go back taiping restttttttttttttttttttt then next day heading to KL !!!!!

Hmmm..i wonder ah cookie didi,you morning went out till night everyday where you go :o
Hey remember talk with me more bout dota cause i still playing with my friends sometime,update me or discuss with me something new hiak hiak :x

This week back to taiping really boring,nothing to do,maple is lagging badly,move once you disconnect,fed up loh -.-
This few day only chat with cookie didi and manda ah mei.
And this mei said i fa qiao (#&@#^@*#%@

My exam got this rule,long hair cant take the exam,so i have to go cut hair lah
Then my dad bring me to this auntie house,she is my didi's friend's mum,her cutting is good hor only rm5 per cut,cheap and good !
But yesterday wtf she do to my hair.....
I asked her to cut,but dont too short...
In the end my frindge become like this..
Almost same like...one of the korean pop star or also know as price of asian..RAIN


Manda asked me why dint see when she cut
Ahem...after i took off my spec,i cant even recognize my mum leh dont say how i see the aunty cut my hair without spec f3

Something very disappointed....
Few days back ago..portugal lose to germany in euro 2008 with score 2-3
Then this morning...holland lose to russia 1-3 ?!
WTF why all the strong team lose to a taufu team ??????? ( i refer to russia not germany )
Guess is all the soccer betting ruined the art of soccer,nowadays you rarely can see how wonderful the soccer match is if compare to the last time...
This midnight is spain and italy...
Hope spain will doing great and TORRES,VILLA CRUSH ITALY LIKE COCKROACH !!!

Didi kinda bad luck leh,got helm cannot see,got triple throw cannot use ><
Hope tomorrow patch you can login and have fun hor ~
Remember train till 120 dont waste my afford T_T
Manda mei dont worry got time i shall chiong your chief bandit also !
With didi together reach 120 :D

Yesterday discuss my KL trip,her mum allow i stay at her house,hope i wont get rape by bel T_T
Bel asked me go teach her cook wor,but cooking really not my favorite but still can make it lah,i prefer bakery and pastry :s
Since she asked for and i stay at her house,okay lah i bring recipe to your house and teach you cook f3
Lai special order for cookie didi and manda !
What both of you want to eat if i can cook for both of you :D

I love this 2 song..
Helpless When She Smiles from Backstreet Boys and I'm Yours by Jason Mraz !
My song player got this 2 song try it out !

I think i made it...the feeling is fade..and fade away..slowly...
Manda said i can be a good boy friend leh HOHOHO
But 1 thing you also know de,my sensitive..it made me cant be a good boy friend definitely :/

I am god damn bored now leh T_T
Cookie didi sure hang out with friends,is his last day of holiday today :x
Have fun hor didi :D
Manda is snoring and farting when sleeping for SURE
Urgh...manda if you read this please sms me !
I miss you and cookie didi !
Sms chat with me ah mei ! xD

I shall go prepare and go to penang
See ya all sexy and handsome :)

XuWei Posted at @ 10:25 AM

Saturday, June 21, 2008

PART 1 : On The Outside
Name : Ang Xu Wei
Date of Birth : February 22nd 1989
Current Status : Hot till going melt
Hair Color : Bu-lack
Righty or Lefty : Righty
Zodiac : Pisces

PART 2 : On The Inside
Your Heritage : Former pakistan currently MALAYSIAN !
Your Fear : Loneliness

PART 3 : Today and Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up : Where is breakfast....
Bedtime : Depends my mood
Your Most Missed Memory : The moment spent with Manda ah mei at KL

PART 4 : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Coke,the legendary soft drink
Single or Group Date : Group but no choice..i i prefer single date with GIRL :x
Adidas or Nike : Nike JUST DO IT !
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Lipton tea

PART 5 : Do You...
Smoke : Second smoker count mah :/
Curse : Sometime :/
Drink : I drink water,juice and milk f3

PART 6 : Have You Ever...
Played A Stripping Game : Never wor if a girl ask me play i might consider joking.....
Changed Who You Were To Fit : I can be anyone to you very flexible f3

PART 7 : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married : 20+ 30-

PART 8 : In A Guy/Girl
Best Eye Color : BLUE
Hair Color : Black
Short or Long Hair : LONG

PART 9 : What Were You Doing
1 Minute Ago : Doing this quiz
1 Hour Ago : Sleeping
1 Month ago : In class cooking or baking

PART 10 : Finish The Sentences
I Love : Myself,manda ah mei,cookie didi,friends,family
I Miss : Manda ah mei,cookie didi,friends,family,the time when i got this name..the best defender in soccer field :(
I Need : MONEY,cooking and bakery skill

Manda ah mei
And whoever read my blog

List Out 5 Presents You Wish For Your Upcoming Birthday :
A better handphone
A better computer
A girl friend ? Joking....
Love someone who love me...
Can find a stable job

XuWei Posted at @ 1:25 PM

Friday, June 20, 2008

Greeting all sexy and handsome and cutie and hottie and cool guy and pretty and others !
I am back to blog after i at home !

For your info tuesday i at G Hotel penang attended chef table mah right ?
But my friend fetch me cause i have no transport...
So i have to go his house wait for him shower change cloth etc
Means..around 5pm,the weather is hot...i have to wear these idiot formal go out...god damn hot :(
After all the preparation and meeting all the classmate
We..stepped in G Hotel,a 3 star hotel located at Pulau Tikus,Pulau Penang
Or just say it located beside Gurney Plaza f3
Is rated as 3 star lah but looks like 5 star !

Before start the dinner,the chairman,Audee is typical chinese man,got friend just drag them in,made the chef table dinner abit messy...
Supposed only have 50 seat now become 80 seat -.-
My table got 14 people loh squeeze like sardine -.-

Hmmm the meal is nice but just a small portion..thats how western people have their dinner luh,only small portion for taste not for stomach
I got take a few picture for the meal but sadly...i forgot take the appetizer picture and my camera not very good :/

Appetizer is deep fried scallop in chicken pillar
Sorry dint have any picture for this dish ><
Is a deep friend scallop stuffed with prawn paste in chicken pillar
It taste abit sour and salty

Next up is soup
Double boiled superior quail soup
Wonder what is quail ?
Quail is one kind of bird ~
The soup boiled with winter melon ring and chicken meat,and 1 chinese ingredient i forgot whats the name :x

Next is the main course !
Deep fried red snapper
Red snapper is a very expensive fish dish
1KG around rm70-80 and is a very very small size only leh
This red snapper served with cheesy crust and spicy sauce and asparagus

Coming up
Slow braised oxtail
Oxtail is quite expensive also :/
It prepared with red yeast wine and the crispy noodle with slow braised oxtail !
Taste very good i love the oxtail !

Lastly the dessert
Durian kataifi dumpling and pumpkin chowder
The dumpling leh might be abit weird for you guys
It cover with durian paste and inside is the salty egg,weird right ?
But is a nice combination i love it alot !
And the pumpkin chowder !
Is like pumpkin shoup but abit like jelly inside got the aloe vera is a hot dessert !

Thats all the dishes for chef table !
All the person who attend all got link with kitchen or chef de
Like my table got 1 pastry chef Kuet Ean Ean from Park Royal,a 4 star hotel in penang
Sat beside me the ah neh named mahalingam,he is former chef but now running own restaurant
A twin brother working with Audee ( Audee is chairman of CAM in penang,he also running own restaurant at Pulau Tikus,restaurant name Audees cuisine,jazz and wine )
A lecturer from KDU,now is celebrity chef in TV
A journalist from KL,the magazine is about tourism and food,hotel,she was invited by Audee ( damn it Audee you chairman big ah dont anyhow invite people made the chef and us also suffer ! )

After the dinner,of course leh for new generation and healthy boy like ME
The small portion of meal is nothing...cause i more hungry after the dinner....
And so late no choice we run to McDonald eat
Then just go back and sleep luh !

Theres really nothing much happen in my class leh :/
Friday no lesson and my boss dint tell us why,act mystery damn old pervert #(@(#&
But leh monday got test !!!!!
Hope i can make it ! T_T

I got this plan,after the test,i fly to KL !!!!!!
Hope you can come out at the day ah ah mei !!!!!!

Oh ya few days ago..i remember i am sad...cause something lah,manda mei know leh :/
Then she told me..actually she wrote a song for me !
I shall put at here i dont care you allow or not i'm just so glad bout it !
And the song is nice luh f3

Horizon - Hanz
Hiak hiak hiak :x

Talk bout song and music er...
I got inspired by manda mei her blog's mp3 player !
So i decide to create 1 also hiak hiak ~
Neh is bottom right there choose whatever you song like !
Or you want dedicate any song i can help :D

June 20..is a very coincidence day for me....
First is my mum's birthday....i dont know what can i do...she dont like western food,plus she know all the pastry and baking stuff,what can i do leh :/
Second is manda mei her helm 3 month annivesary !
Lastly...waited for 1 month plus...disappointed for so many times...finally...

But hey there is more surprise !

Dex 16 helm !!!!
The last surprise..

Many night lord level 130-140 leh still cant get and didi got it at level 90 !
Normally need pay around 40-50m for the skill book..
But for you is FREE !
Thanks for roi played for me cause malaysian still lagging badly :(
Thanks My guild Ichizoku for all the guide and help !

Urgh..manda mei...dont so down leh...if you want to cry just cry !
Aber next week i let you hit again ai mai f3
I sit dai abit let you hug and cry tho i dint have broad shoulder :/
Sunday i have to go penang,monday i got test !
After test i shall enjoy my KL TRIP !

And oh ya...my formal wear picture shall upload soon cause my friend not yet send me :/
Dont get your hope high you might disappointed :/

XuWei Posted at @ 5:43 PM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1.Name someone who can always make you laugh ?
I can hardly smile do you think i will laugh ?

2.What were you doing at 10:00 this morning ?
In class cooking chicken curry and fish curry

3.What were you doing 30 minute go?
Chit chat with manda cintaku

4.What did you do last night ?
Dinner with Eng Wah and Karen,wanted to phone manda but she sleep...

5.What color is your hair brush ?
Transparent..takde hair brush !

6.Have you text voted for an American Idol ?
No i not even watch the show :x

7.Hot tea or iced tea?
Depends,most probably iced !

8.What was the weather like today ?
Sunny sampai malam,hot -.-

9.Where did your last hug take place?
In my room with my ex thats almost 3 years ago -.-

10.What are you excited for?
Erm..last time is met with manda ah mei,recently is yan called me,now no more

11.Closest thing to you that is green ?
Tree leaf

12.Last person you spoke to?
My boss,i asked him tomorrow whats lesson content

13.Are you very random ?
I think so...

14.Do you want to get your hair cut ?
No i dont want !

15.Are you over the age of 25 ?

16.Does your screen name have an x in it ?
Ya of course my name already got x

17.Do you know anyone named Stephanie ?
No at all

18.Do you make up your own words ?
I want to but i cant..

19.Are you ticklish ?
No,i scare :x

20.Are your ears pierced ?
No,still virgin

21.Bar soap or body wash ?
Body wash !

22.Are you a jealous person ?
Yes i am a very very very :/

23.What brand of shampoo do you use ?
Pantene if i spell correctly

24.Do you have curly hair ?
Abit bit

25.Where did you go today?
Schoo,lan shop and G Hotel !

26.What 1 item do you always pick up at the grocery shop ?
Chocolate bar

27.What do you say alot ?
Now hardly say anything often

28.Red or white wine ?
I cant drink but i prefer red wine

29.Do you think you are pretty ?
How can a guy pretty o.o

30.What are you doing tonight ?
At G Hotel attend chef table

31.Who was your last missed call ?
Mal,he want ask me for breakfast but i sleeping

32.Do you miss someone now ?
Yes,manda ah mei and yan

33.Are you photogenic ?
No..i have no more confidence -.-

34.What are you doing now ?
Chit chat with manda ah mei

35.Have you used any pick-up lines on girls/boys before ?
I dont know whats the question mean :/

36.Who do you turn to when you're down ?
Manda ah mei !

37.Whose on your speed dial ?
No one

38.Who did you kiss recently ?
No one

39.Love your life ?
Not really love but i satisfied

40.Tag ?
All my readers !

XuWei Posted at @ 4:07 PM

Tuesday ah,got lesson again...dont feel like going -.-
Dont know why suddenly very no mood to do anything or even move my body :/
Well today morning 7am,mal spam call me
Si babi i need sleep so i put silent !! #*&@(#

Till i go my class..then i saw the white board wrote..theory test 1 all passed
Then boss told me that day supposed is theory test 1,but he gave us theory test 2 paper -.-
Well passed also mei wen ti f3

Today is fish curry and chicken curry !
No pork ! f3
Boss told us my group's curry is rank 2 in class hohohoho :D
And he remind us tonight is chef table,wear formal to attend

Whats chef table ?
Chef table is an event hold by CAM,is not every month,they hold it at random time
Chef table mostly hold in hotel,is a grand event,so we must wear formal to attend
They called it chef table cause all the person who attend,is chef or future chef ( as in student like me ),and chef that assign will cook for us
Tonight chef table venue at G Hotel at Pulau Tikus,Penang
G Hotel is a big and standard hotel
Lucky got friend can fetch me go,so i can attend,i want to experience it !
And it will be my first time wear formal !
But i wont take picture tho my friend ask me take...even take also give manda ah mei see nia

Nothing much for today..
I missed manda ah mei,but she seem tired this few day...hardly can have a phone chat with her now..
Ah mei when can i phone you :/

XuWei Posted at @ 3:01 PM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sorry for dint post for 1 week,cause ah..no inspiration,no mood ( i explain later ),nothing much happen...
The no mood i mentioned..is because..i am really bad luck in this week..from monday start till yesterday...

I dont really remember what happen at monday..
Tuesday..the chef table was located at incoming tuesday at G Hotel 7.30pm,at first Eng Wah suggested to take me go,but after that he change his mind,he sit others friends car go instead fetch me,wtf loh you promised to fetch me now you forget what you said ?
Damn sad lah i joined CAM and cant attend the chef table,thats my one of only chance...to see all the CAM chef...

Then the wednesday,i need to purchase the bloody insurance for my training,else i cant start my training in Trader Hotel,at first Eng Wah offered to help me do my insurance stuff,cause he bought the insurance around rm150+ from his dad and thats cheap...
So i asked his help,but he never ask me give him my dad,mum's IC number and my photostats IC...is too late if he help me do so i have to buy from my school...and it cost rm258...
I already broke lah wei now plus this...mati loh T_T

Thursday....consider emo day gua -.-
I wont talk bout this at here..manda know is enough leh :x
Thanks manda ah mei alot :)

Friday..is the..shocked day for me..
Suddeny got TEST !!!!
What to do...just face it..damn boss next time got anything inform us early -.-
Pratical test...baked 2 butter cake for him,sound easy right ?
But we cant see the recipe,so..the ingredient,how much we need for the ingredient ,the method of baking,what temperature for baking,what kind of heat to bake,all..we..cannot get from book,lucky 18 person in class got 2 know so we just ask from them :x
The question is how to bake a butter cake,ingredient given is 4 eggs,the rest we have to think ourself..theres a formula for butter cake,if the eggs weight is 200gm,other ingredient also 200gm,very easy ya xD
After that..1 more pratical test..my boss want us..make pancake,pancake is easy lah but we need toss the pancake on the air then catch it with frying pan...it looks like this..

This picture is my senior picture,we must do this to pass the test >.>
and i DIT IT tho i toss not so high lah,that picture de pancake can stick at the celling i tell you >.>

When we making the pancake,boss told us make it as dessert,and he teached us how to
After pancake done,put pancake aside,heat the frying pan,add in butter and sugar,grated some orange skin then put orange juice in,then put the pancake inside so the pancake can absorb the orange taste,the juice is sauce for the pancake as dessert
Here is the coolest thing !
When the sauce start to boil,we put a few wine into the frying pan..
And you will see fire flare up !

Next is theory test,i thought is easy,when i look at the question..
Okay..breathe deeply..close my eye...take my pen...anyhow tick the answer..DONE ! STUPID BOSS NEXT TIME GOT TEST EARLY INFORM )$*&(@$&

Friday mah,is time to balik kampung lah,lucky got 2.30pm bus !! :D
When i reached bus station nia...Kheng at bus station fetch me to McDonald o.o
Cause bob ask for it,and many friend go,so i go also lah,after that went to lan shop play dota till around 5-6pm only back home and scolded by my mum for go home late without telling her :x
Taiping is god damn hot my god -.-

Bout the chef table i found someone to fetch me go tho not very close friend,since i can attend,means i have to buy a formal shirt,so Kheng and me went to super market and look for formal shirt,i bought this formal shirt,black in color and is NICE but it cost me..RM55...broke+broke+broke=sleep under BRIDGE !

Tomorrow Beng and Kheng will go cyberjaya continue their study,degree !
I know cyberjaya is bored for you guys and have to share an appartment with 13 person,is a though period for you guys,you guys can make it !
Best of luck my friends !

When i login maple i found something bad happen..thats why i claim myself being bad luck for 1 whole week...
It doesnt matter..lucky things had settled,problem solved,i am glad..
Yan will be back at tonight :D

Today sunday is fathers day but my dad pissed me off -.-
I told him i want to buy hair shampoo and i want choose that kind i used often de,he said tomorrow bring me go buy lah,but he go buy himself and thats not the shampoo that i wanted,it doesnt suit my hair -.-

MANDA AH MEI,you are cute and adorable,theres a chinese sentence for you,ask cookie didi translate for you ah cause i dont know how to :x
Got it got it ? :D
Dont moody bout it luh,we love you !
And thanks for be by my side when i need you :D
I love you manda ah mei muaks ! :D

XuWei Posted at @ 12:35 PM

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nothing much happen today...
Ah mei you dint mention in your blog you got credit or not -.-
At least answer let me know -.-

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey yo guys,sorry for the late updated,well today main topic as mentioned ah,my big day in maple,my wedding with BABE YAN !!!
Okay lets start the story of the day !

I woke up and went breakfast with friends like i mentioned at the last post mah,ya and badminton loh,knew what i really whole body pain after badminton...i am getting old...hey no wait,i am not old just long time no exercise ! ( If i said i am old,Yan wont marry me >.> )
After badminton session we went to have lunch together luh, then they went lan shop as usual -.-
For what they play dota of course so i must join cause not enough player @_@ ( i quited dota for years leh T_T )
I dont know play never mind luh at least i got the basic knowledge and skill mah,but my friend is totally..dont know how to play -.-
Dont want talked bout it,it made me wanna laugh and pissed :x

I went home after this.i remembered that i need to buy another 10k maple a-cash for wedding else not enough,so i ask them,afternoon go out eat ice kacang so i can go buy a-cash also luh
Aikz rm24 gone into a 10k a-cash...
I forced to diet leh eat bread,no money leh lah T_T

Is evening !!!
But i still mapling with XuWeiwei,playing monster carnival with bel and kenji :x
Yan is still papu
We are the one marry lah,but i wonder why hor,others more nervous then us >.>
Keep ask us when ? fast ! over liao ?!
Okay lah okay lah i shall prepare for wedding due to buddies inpatient f3

All buddies is online,everything prepared,manda and mich go lan shop and attend my wedding i am touched ! T_T
Thanks manda and mich for attend !!
Okay the wedding shall start !
Lets the screen shot talk !

Is ashy,nainai and jeejee on the guest seat ! Thanks for coming ya !!

More and more guest entered !! ( we used to called each other babe hehe :x )

Zoo wedding ?? See the top guest seat !!!

The wedding started !!!!! We love the kiss face is so cute !!

Hey mich ( vaCherOn ),you think i will play safe ah f3

You may kiss the bride now !!!!!

Here is the kiss !! I just love the love shape but too bad i late to take the screen shot T_T

Wah chaos photo taking session WOI GIVE FACE TO ME LAH AT LEAST SHOW THE COUPLE FACE !!!

Finally got chance to show our face >.>

Happy wedding for myself and yan ~
I cant take much screen shot lah cause i am the groom :x
My guild blog got a few screen shot also,go to my friend list and see it !!

After the wedding we got zak for cookie,everything prepared and start loh...
But is bad..my party's bishop and dark knight disconnect,made me spammed extra potion till i cant manage to survive the zak,i feel so useless and shit at the moment...
Then manda came and try to comfort me..but i just hurt her..i am too harsh in words..sorry manda mei :(
After that i asked Yan hows the zak,she also died due to no more potion..aihz ><
But gratz roiii helmed at level 50 !!

After that i had a short chat with Yan before she went sleep

Me : Hows the zak ?
Babe Yan : I also died cause no more potion
Me : har -.-
Babe Yan : Doesnt matter for me de lah
Me : I feel sad and useless leh i cant helm for cookie
Babe Yan : Things happen leh dont sad leh lah babe
Me : Aihz..i buy cheese put back at cookie's character
Babe Yan : Eh i got used his cheese also i also return him
Me : No need lah i return
Me : Okay okay but now late leh go sleep first i return him first tomorrow you only return to him loh easy ( was trying chase her go sleep :x )
Babe Yan : Dont want,you bluff me de,i got read your blog de okay ? Last time also same chase me go sleep and bluff me,i dont care i want return,i ask wai prepare leh login go take else i dont want sleep !
Me : Okay lets dont sleep ( i knew she want to sleep badly f3 )
Babe Yan : Zzz if you dint go take,wai will angry,he will scold me and whack me ~
Me : ......
Babe Yan : Faster go in ~~ I am waiting for you ~~
Me : Damn you babe,sipek guai lan
Babe Yan : Learn from you nia =p
Me : Woi i guai only loh,where got guai lan
Babe Yan : Then you guai i lan loh,together mah guai lan lah ( wah sweat but sweet hor :x )
Me : ... ( Then i go in took the cheese )
Babe Yan : Okay i go sleep leh bye babe muah ~
Me : Damn you sipek guai lan !
Babe Yan : Ya i am guai lan but you married me sorry f3
Me : -.- ( I totally speechless man... )
Babe Yan : Sleep tight ~~

I am so speechless loh -.-

The next day,is sunday,aww thats bored no outing !
And around 1-2pm Yan is online !
So we decide to go for marrython ! ( Inspired by nainai,RenaiShashin :x )
Whats marrython ah ?
Er...means marry till maplers dulan loh cause now wedding got bug so can keep marry :x
Our main purpose is to get scroll,potion and equipment only :x

I got a few screen shot for the marrython also :x

Started with no guest :/

The love shape again !!!!

Hahahah finally can take a nice screen shot !!

Cause my scroll lock got some problem i cant take any screen shot onwards ><
But thanks for wai,ty,cookie didi,aunty ling and others to join the marrython :x

I was bored,Wei Sheng at taiping,he called us go out yam cha oh ~
So..Swee Kheng,Kah Yoong and me go luh, cause ah after few days more,all friend leaving again :(
After dismissed,we suggest that,night go Kah Yoong's house overnight and watch Euro 2008 !!! The match between German and Poland !!

At night when we reached his house ah,i help both of them install maple in their laptop luh,Kheng started play maple for fun hahahaha
Suddenly,Yan sms me ask me sleep leh mah,and i said no
She phoned me again xD
And we chat for almost 1 hour i think,she bored and sleep so she phoned me to chat hehehe
She going japan later,8am flight,i think now she on the plane sleep like a pig :x
I told her later i going watch the Germany and Poland match mah,then she said want bet,she bet Poland win >.>
What we bet ? Not pubic hair lah thats only manda and me,she want bet 1 million meso @_@
And for your info Germany 2-0 Poland
Babe you lose luh f3

And she worried if she sleep now she cant wake in time
So i woke her up luh haha
Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself in Japan babe,i'll miss you :)

AH MEI !!!!
Dont so sad leh lah,friends always beside you de
Tho i dont know how to..say ah my ability in express is weak ><
I dont know will you still trust me or not cause that night you sound like...lose the trust on me T_T
No matter what,you still,the friend and a sista that i love and care the most,remember it ! NO MATTER WHAT !

I need to go penang leh,bye all :D

XuWei Posted at @ 12:01 PM

6 things i am passionate about :
>>>friends and family

6 things i say too often :
>>>STEAM ~~~~
>>>habis liao lah ( finish liao,as in cham liao,i talk in many language,hokkien,chinese etc :x )

6 books i've read recently : ( dont laugh at me i tell you >.> )
>>>My pastry text book
>>>My cooking text book
>>>Penang Passion ( a recipe book from CAM it cost me rm40 -.- )
>>>Pastry recipe from my mum
>>>Baking recipe from my mum
>>>Popular's recipe book ( i just anyhow read a few page )

6 songs i could listen to over & over again :
>>>The Time Of My Life from David Cook
>>>Angels Brought Me Here from Guy Sebastian
>>>Sorry from Buckcherry
>>>Is Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry from Chicago
>>>Du Jia Ji Yi from Jordan Chan Xiu Chun ( 独家记忆 from 陈小春 )
>>>Stop And Stare from One Republic
( This list is for this moment only cause i always change my song list :x )

6 things i learnt for the past year :
>>>How to cook
>>>How to bake
>>>Dont ever wish things will go like how you plan you are not GOD !
>>>Control my bad temper tho i cant really control well ><
>>>How to love my friends and family

The person that i want to tag...
Those who in my friend list !!!

XuWei Posted at @ 11:42 AM

[ Tag 1]

1.Link to your tagger and post these rules
>>Amanda the cutest, mei of mine !<<

2.List 8 random facts about yourself
>>>i am...easy get mad
>>>petty :x
>>>i like to joke but seem abit cold :x
>>>not really talking in real life
>>>i love my friends,manda,cookie,ashy,zhu mei,yan and others
>>>ugly at outside and inside
>>>always blur blur and respond slow
>>>iron man,can stay awake for days

3.Tag 8 person at the end of this post ( go see the name list at the end of the post hor )

[ Tag 2 ]

1.What do you want the MOST now ?
Go KL and singapore to visit all my friends ! T_T

2.What do you want to be when you grow up ?
The best gigolo..joking...
A great chef and can cook and bake for all my friend and my future girl friend

3.What would you do if you've lose everything in one shot ?
Duh sure shocked till stone for 5 minute only respond lah :x
Will try encourage myself and restart everything !

4.What are you afraid to lose now ?
My virginity ! Joking....
Manda ah mei,cookie,babe yan and all my friends and family

5.Do you believe in being in love forever ?
Yes i do believe if both side have faith and work hard together

6.If you meet someone you love,would you confess to him/her ?
Duh i shall wait her confess to me BRAHAHAHAH...joking lah...
Last time will now i wont gua i think

7.What do you do when you are feeling down and depressed ?
Go pcc lah ops..no i am just joking !!!!
I will talk with manda,every time talk with her make me feel better

8.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half ?
Sexy horny hot...thats not important f3
I just wish she will love me like how i love her hehehehe

9.Which type of person do you hate at the most ?
Emo person ( tho last time i am :x )
Hypocrite person

10.Do you cherish every single one of your friendship ?
This is sure thing lah crap question f3

11.Do you believe in God ?
Hm..i not really believe..

12.What do you think is the most important thing in your life ?
My friends and family,i wont blog in here without them :D

13.Do you find it necessary for you to have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?
Hmm...i think not but i still wish i can find one soon :/

14.What do you want your friends to be like ?
Dont ignore and neglect me can leh...

15.What kind of friend do you hope to be in your friend's eye ?
A funny person that can cheer them up,a loyal listener to them

16.If you can have a change,which part of your character would you like to change ?
My attitude luh..sensitive..petty..easy get mad...

17.If you're feeling low one day,who will you go to ?
Manda ah mei luh,dont know leh every time talk with her i will feel better heheh
Even she is the one make me low i still go to her :x

18.Would you die in order to save the ones you love ?
Depends the situation leh,currently cant think any situation yet

19.Would you kill in order to save the ones you love ?
You siao ah i dont kill people,i am peacemaker ~ :D

20.If you have a change to past,what would you change ?
Er..Hmm...still my attitude...

Tags goes to...
1.Manda ah mei
2.Cookie didi
3.Zhu mei
4.Ah yin yin
5.Babe yan
7.Min xue mei

XuWei Posted at @ 11:04 AM

Don't read the questions until you have named the 20 people.

1.Manda ah mei
2.Cookie didi
3.Babe yan

4.Min xue mei
5.C cup zhu mei
6.Ashy the steamer
7.Shika kawanku
8.Aunty wan ling
9.Mich ( manda's sis )
10.Swee kheng
11.Ying zhe
12.Ah beng
13.Kah yoong
14.Wei chyi
17.Wen pin
18.Ah yin yin
20.Wei sheng

How did you meet 14 ?
I met wei chyi at school when form 3

What will you do if you never met 1 ?
Wah if i never met this girl,i think i stll emo-ing loh o.o
Really alot fun spend time with her xD

What if 9 and 20 dated ?
Eww...a jiejie dated with a beast friend of mine !
Duh got eye also dont want see,got brain also dont want imagine

Will 6 and 17 date ?
Wtf ashy the steamer wont date with wen pin lah,he anti steamer f3

Describe 3
Babe ah,cute,naughty,mature,cheerful,easy shy and GUAI LAN !!!
( still got alot i lazy type :x )

Is 8 attractive ?
Wah aunty ling is sure attractive but still lose babe abit f3

Describe 7
Oh kawan yang ku cinta ( my lovely friend )
He is hot,pervert minded,happy guy,VERY open minded,playful,gayish sometime,clever,funny
( same lah got ton of words lazy type >.> )

Do you know any of 12's family member ?
Er dont know wor but i met his mei and parent at his house

What will you do if 18 confesses that he/she like you ?
Wah ah yin ah,no lah impossible de lah ( avoiding the question i paiseh man f3 )

What language does 15 speaks ?
Jeejee speaks english,hokkien and chinese

Who is 9 going out with ?
Mich ah,her friends of course but recently always go out with manda

How old is 16 ?
Karen is 23 or 24 forgot :x

Who is 2's favourie band/singer ?
Cookie like Jordin Sparks alot

Would you ever date 4 ?
Min xue mei ah...i owe her so damn many things must date her to repay back T_T

Would you date 1 ?

Is 19 single ?
Bella is single and available but got people want date her boh thats the problem

What is 10's last name ?
Ang swee kheng o.o

Would you ever be in a relationship with 11 ?
Yingzhe if you are gay,i still wont consider you sorry f3

School of 3
Babe's school is located somewhere in singapore but now she working wor o.o

Where does 16 lives ?
Karen ah..somewhere in penang i dont know whats the area name :x

What is the favourite thing of 5 ?
Her c cup breast ( eh i am serious loh i am not being pervert ! )

Have you ever seen 2 naked ?
Aiya see till sien whole body full with chocolate chips,cookie mah o.o

3 lucky drawers to do this quiz !
Cookie didi
Babe yan
Min xue mei

DO IT OR YOU..nothing... :x

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