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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hmmm,first of all,i missed you very much
We havent chat in phone for long time right ?
We seem like far and far form each other,cause i rarely contact you,i dont know what happen and how are you doing at school,home
We seem like easy misunderstand each other,like Bel said ' 1 at Taiping 1 at KL,long distance mah of course easy happen misunderstand '

And you said i treat you cool
Nah hell no,i am just very tired,and stress....stress...stress at...money making for KL trip that i plan after my training
I became rude,maybe cause influence gua,kitchen is like that de lah....hope you understand urgh....i will try not rude infront of you hehe

And ah,we always got those little arguement right ?
Cause a little misunderstanding....
Believe in me baby,i never doubt you
I never think that you ignore me for Kelsey and Jireh
Trust me baby......

I missed you,i cant sms you...kitchen line very low,but..do sms me when you free okay ?
I will reply you
I love you,if you see this post,please write what you think at chat box okay ?
See ya my love baby mei :)

XuWei Posted at @ 10:41 AM

Holiday at Taiping...only can do 1 thing..go cyber cafe lan game dota
Theres some funny thing when we lan dota at cyber cafe....neh the sohai wei ming lah
Yesterday night went there lan dota mah,then he used lycan,when enemy hero wrong targer and stunned his summoned wolf,then he...

Wei Ming : Eh sohai he stunned my monkey ! ( actually is wolf....he sohai nia )
Me : ....
Khing : ....

And he...use ulti or those spell to ks us,wtf !
Still at there laugh us...allah...
So you can see how sohai he is :x

This few day always went cafe lan dota,make me so want to play dota badly ah,tho i not as good as last last last time liao
At the cafe,surprisingly got DMC 4 !!!
Devil May Cry 4 !! Ahhh the graphic is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome and the game is very nice to play
Then the sohai wei ming cant even get over first stage...........

This few day always raining,very cold loh,want go jogging also cannot,sad !
Yesterday night,i celebrated my sis' and my dad's birthday !
And my elder sis...she went Secret Recipe bought 6 slices of different cake to celebrate it @_@
Talk about my elder sis,she doing very great ah,still bought a house,uiseh
Yesterday afternoon went to see her house nia,not bad loh,2 floor 4 room but quite small lah

I updated my blog song since my blog song all cant play,but now mostly is mandarin or cantonese song hehehe

I shall prepare everything to go penang now,see ya all,i will be back after few weeks :D

XuWei Posted at @ 10:20 AM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hmm,well the second part,let me talk about my training......
In kitchen..i cut my finger uncountable time,but most serious de 2 times only gua,the first time keep bleeding loh,second time no bleeding but...deep till can see my flesh @_@

I mentioned i in cold kitchen at previous post right ?
Well in there,always have to prepare salad,breakfast cereal juice,sandwiches and others
Got 1 time,hotel got around 600+ tourist check in,they will stay at hotel for 2 nights,fuiyoh when dinner they very siao loh,keep order pizza,burger,sandwiches,bad luck loh i just keep make sandwiches for them,whole night non stop ah.....
Never mind lah if make for them,problem is..they siao de loh,drink drink till drunk liao,then reject my 16 plate of sandwiches said they didnt order,waste my work nia !
They drunk liao,still steal wine at lobby counter,break our plates and cups,then GM come down talk to them loh,they argue with GM........

Saw the rose at previous post right ?
Actually carved for MAS de,they doing some business with this hotel,so we have to do their catering,and me...everyday have to cut 100 pieces white bread,100 soft roll,40 focaccia bread and 40 croissaint for MAS,then still have to carved 8 rose for MAS loh,kesian loh do MAS catering nia used most of my training time liao....

Hmm,Roslin,Xin Yan and Dennis finish their training in hotel leh,haiya sad loh,they going to leave us and go back Johor...
So Kevin organized a BBQ party to bid them farewell,meanwhile also Bubu and Xin Hui birthday wor,so ngam !
Kevin and me already bought something for Roslin before she went back to Johor,as a present luh,for always let me kacau mehehehehe
Is a pair of shoe that she like,nearly RM200,steam........Kevin and me each spent RM100...steam lagi........
After BBQ party,they went to clubbing...i dont like clubbing eh dont know why,think i still shy to release myself gua,think so lah,maybe...
But hmm..they going back Johor mah and they asked me go,so haiya...go loh @_@
But really lah i prefer go sing K !

Got 1 time when gonna finish working,sifu asked me want go sing K or not,uiyoh i so surprised loh,of course i will go,sing K leh syok man !
That night ah,sing till around RM227+,each people paid RM40+,5 people total,allah......
But fun loh,they teached me how to..sing.. :o

I think updated later luh,more to come

XuWei Posted at @ 11:50 AM

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aik,before back to Taiping,i plan to do many thing that i wanted to do,like...playing maple,cabal,gunbound,dota,then update my blog,update new song in blog,go jogging,sleep till afternoon

Thats before back to Taiping..when reached Taiping,sat infront computer,suddenly became lazy...you see ah..

When login maple,no buddy no guildmate never mind loh,but...got quest to do,got time earn money,what i want to do leh,and if playing need to trasnfer item from this character to other character,after playing still need to transfer,allah,think tiok also lazy....

Cabal ah....fun is fun,after download,when wanna type in my login access..'aiya up 1 level also so hard,play shit ah',lazy liao.......

Gunbound...where is BEL !!!!!

Update blog...i got many things want to write,but when create post,my mind blank out pulak,aduhhh....

Update new song......i have to download song converter and song,download song converter is fast lah but the programme not permanent,after 2 weeks will expired,i scare of finding crack file leh,that time find the idiot crack file made my computer tiok spyware,adware,underware,whatever lah as long is virus lah,then download song ah freaking slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Jogging....always raining,,how to to jogging...i want keep fit lah my tummy freaking big till can bang away people !

I want sleep till afternoon de loh,but...xi guan cheng zi ran (习惯成自然) ,9-10am woke up already...but still freaking tired,trying to sleep back but i just CANT,ALLAH T-T

what the,but at least i updated blog..relax brudder...
Okay write something about my days at penang,including training and after training...

For you guys info..dont think kitchen is a place just for cooking ah,in hotel kitchen got many department and all got their own duty,like...banquet kitchen,muslim kitchen,hot kitchen,asian kitchen,pastry kitchen,japanese kitchen,cold kitchen,i shall explain all the kitchen duty in short....

Banquet kitchen mainly for function,banquet got 2 kind,chinese banquet and western banquet,like..if today function got 700 packs,they need to prepare all the function meal for 700 packs,not all,most of the meal,some other like curry and dessert,cold kitchen,muslim kitchen and pastry,even japanese kitchen also have to help in prepare

Muslim kitchen,no need think also know lah,those malay food,like curry,tom yam,laksa soup,satay sauce,all is their job,this kitchen when raya or puasa period most busy de

Hot kitchen also known as main kitchen,most of their ala carte order is to hot kitchen de,hot kitchen is like frontline lah,those whatever grilling,deep fried foods all done in this kitchen,pizza,burger,spaghetti and so on

Asian kitchen,those local foods ah,all come from asian kitchen,like char koay teow ah,hor fun ah,all in asian kitchen,asian kitchen need skillful person to work de,cause you need to know how to use wok well,and i am still learning....

Pastry kitchen,full with machine,like mixing machine,rolling machine,bakery also part of pastry kitchen,their production is those,cakes,bread,pudding

About cold kitchen leh,those salad,appetizer,fruit juice,sandwiches all in here,and now i in this kitchen training,most of the breakfast meal like milk,juice,cereal also in here,garnishing ( or also knowns as food decoration ),mostly done at here,we use,food,vege,fruit carving to garnish the foods,sometime we use vege to garnish foods,to make it looks pretty

And i got learn this vege carving,tomato rose


Aint it pretty and amazing,with tomato skin can make a rose flower
But mine not very pretty yet cause i not using carving knife....

And i learn something tasty in cold kitchen,a healthy breakfast food or snack food,granola
If you dont know whats granola,go google search and see ah hehehe
Normally at super market,you can find a snack food like chocolate bar,but inside is those,cereal,honey,nuts,oatmeal,very tasty ,thats granola loh,they called it granola bar,is easy to bake ah,next time when wacthing tv at home and you got nothing to bite,i can bake you granola and enjoy the tv show with granola as snack food hohohohohohoho

Hmm okay stop at here first,i shall post more when i back from outside,see ya peeps
And..love and miss you manda mei

XuWei Posted at @ 1:06 PM


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